Real Estate Condition Report (§ 35-18-709) – The State of Wisconsin states that a seller must notify the potential buyer of any physical problems they are aware of with respect to the property that could reduce the value of the property. The status report must be made available to the buyer within ten days of acceptance of the offer to sell and signed by both parties for valid transport. Condominium Addendum to the Real Estate Condition Report – If a condition report is required for the sale of a condominium, an addendum must be attached to the report to provide additional information about the property (e.B condominium name, unit number, fees). Real Estate Condition Report – Wisconsin law requires sellers, without those listed in 709.01(2), to prepare a condition report within ten (10) days of accepting an offer to purchase. A contract for the purchase and sale of residential real estate in Wisconsin is used to define the terms of sale and purchase of real estate. The contract mentions a description of the place of residence, the personal effects to be included in the sale (e.B. appliances, furniture, curtains) and financial conditions such as the purchase price and the method of payment. Unless the seller`s title is indicated in § 709.01 (2), he must provide the buyer with a status report on the property. The report must be made within ten (10) days of acceptance of an offer. If the property is a condominium (and a condition report is required), the seller must also include an addendum to describe the property in more detail. The two progress reports are available below under the heading “Related Information”. The Wisconsin Purchase Agreement manages the documentation of the sale of real estate at an identified financial price.

The contract lists the conditions of sale and relevant information about the seller, buyer, purchase price and closing date. The binding agreement takes into account a usual consideration of serious money as a guarantee for the agreement. Condominium Addendum to the Real Estate Condition Report – Condominiums require additional documentation of the current state of the space, which also provides additional information about the public portions of the building and incidental costs. . Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing – Wisconsin Residential Offer to Purchase (WB-11) Department of Safety and Professional Services – Residential Offer to Purchase. Lead-based paint disclosure – Buyers who purchase a home built before 1978 must receive a disclosure informing them of the history of toxic lead-based paints. Disclosure of Lead-Based Paints (42 U.S. Code § 4852(d) – For buildings manufactured in 1978 or before, additional disclosure is required to recognize the serious hazards posed by lead-based paints. .

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