From 9 March 2020, the proposed agreement and the corresponding explanation of the agreement will be available on The Labour Relations Board will now meet with union negotiators to complete the development of the proposed replacement agreement. C23861/00, C23862/00 s.99 that they did not accept a letter of demand and a report of the claims within the allotted time and that the CPSU requested to amend the Television Industry Award 2000 by removing the outdated names of interviewees and updating them for the respondents` current names – Jones C December 7 C39220/00 e.s.s.170L-Requests Trades Association u. a. for certification of agreements and applications s.170XF by the Association of End Trades and Price Evaluation of Certified Contracts – Ross VP – December 4 C30428/00 s 0045 ASU Complaint Against the Finding and Appointment of Hingley C on January 7, 2000 in C37146/99 Re Social and Community Services (Interim) Award 1995 – Marsh SDP , Williams SDP, Smith C – 4 December In addition, the Industrial Employees Union jointly requested on 3 October 2018 in Queensland for assistance to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission for the agreement on the negotiations of the Basic Agreement. As such, the negotiations are now in conciliation proceedings. C23523/00 Andrew Michael Sage`s Complaint Against a Decision made on October 5 and 6, 2000 to U20414/00 by Drake SDP at the end of the working relationship – McIntrye VP, Marsh SDP, Larkin C – December 20 C70366/00 s.170LK Request from People Management Consultants (Tas), Away Voice and Data Pty Limited for certification of Away Voice and Data Pty Ltd Business Agreement 2000 – Leary C – December 15 Enterprise agreements are concluded at the corporate level between employers and employees on employment conditions. The Fair Labour Commission can provide information on the process of drafting enterprise agreements, evaluate and approve agreements. We can also deal with disputes over the terms of the agreements. C23848/00 s.170LJ Request from CSR Limited t/as, CSR Monier Wunderlich and CFMEU for certification of the CFMEU 2000 collective agreement – Jones C – December 8 Start with our search for documents and attempt to search for full text agreements. C23602/00, C23187/00, C23967/00 s.99 Notification of litigation by Australian Rail, Tram and Bus Industry Union and Serco Pty Limited Re bargaining period, s.170MI application by Australian Rail, Tram and Bus Industry Union and Serco Pty Limited re-negotiation of a business agreement – application for a secret ballot and s.101 application by Serco Australia Pty Limited to vary or revoke Serco Australia Pty Limited and ARTBIU dispute resolution – Harrison SDP – December 5 C24085/00 s.99 Notification of litigation by AMWU and Australian Racing Forensic Labor Job Restructuring without consultation violation of the Enterprise Agreement Clause 20.2 – Drake SDP – December 21 C23839/00 s.170LS Application for certification of the agreement by Sate Rail Authority of New South Trading , and ASU and Australian Rail Tram and Bus Industry Union – Jones C – 8 December The government will continue its activities with the agreement in principle in accordance with standard approval procedures.