11.4. the commitment effect; No third parties. This Agreement shall be binding on the signatories of this Agreement and all subsequently admitted members, their spouses, heirs, currency, executors, legal representatives, assigns and beneficiaries of the assignment and, to the extent possible, in favour of this Agreement. Article 9 of this Agreement shall also benefit the covered persons defined in this Agreement. Members acknowledge and agree that this Agreement is binding on the Company and that it applies to the benefit of the Company and that the provisions of this Agreement are enforceable by and against the Company. The Company`s obligations under this Agreement are only the obligations of the Enterprise and, in the absence of an additional written agreement, the Member has no personal liability for the Obligations of the Enterprise, including all obligations under Article 9 of this Agreement. No creditor of the enterprise or of a member has the right or intention to have the status of third party beneficiary to impose an obligation of a party under this agreement. 11.1. Global Agreement. This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements and understandings entered into between the Member with respect to the Company. A company agreement for a single LLC member provides important information about your LLC in writing. Many sites that try to sell you LLC forms and services will tell you that if you don`t have a solid LLC business agreement for a single member, you will lose protection. This is a total lie.

A company agreement is similar to the statutes that govern a company`s board of directors and a partnership agreement used by partnerships. The statutes of a company are necessary, but a partnership contract is not necessary. Hello, Matt. I recently filed for my brand new LLC company and I work with one of my friends, I accidentally thought that as a member of managing, because it is my company, I did not have to add my own either, but apparently it is false. Now I have an LLC that introduces me as a registrar and my friend as an executive member. How do I add myself as an executive member? Do I use a company agreement and use both of our names? The bank would not allow me to open an account because it is the only executive member. The newcomer screwed up at my end. 1.6. Registered office and registered representative. The initial address of the company`s registered office in the State of Texas is [registered office] and the name of the company representative originally registered at that address is [REGISTERED AGENT].

Members may change the registered office and registered representative of the company from time to time.