Use RentBetter. The RentBetter team is excited about the availability of tools to automate routine tasks by renting your property to provide you with an affordable way to manage your property yourself. With RentBetter, after setting up customers on the platform, you enter the details of the rental collection, in which you can see payment data and an account in kind based on payment history. The perfect way to promote and manage your own rental property. 1. Design an ad and use RentBetter to display your rental on first-class real estate sites such as and 2. Look for a tenant. Manage all queries, perform background checks, and receive apps with RentBetter tools. 3. Create a deal. With the tools available on the RentBetter website, you can create an agreement between you and your client. 4.

On board your tenant. Connect with your customer via the RentBetter platform. 5. Generate a timetable for rent collection. Use RentBetter to notify tenants if payment is due. 6. Keep an overview of maintenance requests. Use RentBetter to track all corrections requested by tenants to keep an overview of what you need to do.

7. Create a rental book. RentBetter has the tools to make it possible! 1. Personality and Professional Distance The first question you need to ask yourself is to have the type of personality that can keep your relationship with your tenant a business? Can you assert your legal rights in an undemocratic way if the tenant has been slow to pay the rent or if damage is found during a check or if a tenant wishes to break his tenancy agreement without the necessary termination? 6. Rent Assessment and Rent Increases If you want to become a DIY landlord, you must commit to making sure you stay abreast of what is happening near you. You must also ensure that you increase rents only in accordance with the terms of the tenancy agreement and legislation in your state. If you are the kind of person who manages your finances very well, then a self-administered lease could be what you need. But if you prefer to use your time for other things, to outsource your life administrator, to free up time for more enjoyable things like friends and family, then a fully maintained novated lease allows you to relax, knowing that your account is actively managed by Maxxia.

There are some advantages for self-management, but there are also a number of drawbacks. This includes: there are some potential benefits for self-management if you have the time and know-how to do it well, but there are also many drawbacks. Let`s look at the pros and cons of self-management. You wonder what the difference will be between self-management and property management for your tenants. Finally, you want your tenants to have a lot of experience renting from you. If they do, they can become long-term tenants and even run friends to rent to you, as well. With a fully maintained lease, you can count on our know-how to set up a budget for the running costs of the car. Our service and maintenance team ensures that you only pay for the service and repairs you need at the right price. You can use a selection of BP, Shell and Caltex refuelling cards.