You settle down with a group of great new people. You`re excited and eager to connect with your roommates, but first there are a few stores you need to take care of. You must sign a colocation agreement. A cohabitation agreement defines the responsibilities that all residences living in one property have vis-à-vis the other and the dwelling. It is a legally binding agreement with which all roommates must comply and helps to prevent and resolve possible differences of opinion. Don`t forget to specify any details that might be important for your particular situation. Your rental unit is your home and you want it to be comfortable for all of you. It might be a good idea to set housing rules for the payment of rent, rest periods and overnight stays. Everything from rules to common areas to the deposit to electricity bills can be mentioned in the agreement – it`s up to you to deposit what you want to deposit in writing. Maybe you`d like to add a reservation about when a roommate moves and what happens if you find someone who doesn`t belong? Make sure that everyone who signed the lease will be included in the colocation contract. It is important to remember that the colocation contract usually only applies until the term of the lease.

We have created a template for a colocation agreement that you can download and sign, just click on the link below. You can create a copy of our version and edit it in the way you find most useful….