This is our agreement, and we swear before God and the land of our birth not to betray him to the grave. We who sign below with our real names, all the leaders of the army met for a meeting chaired by the Supreme President to discuss the plight of the Pueblos and the Revolution; After understanding that some counts have committed acts of treason, by destroying the force that comes from unity, by an agreement with the Spanish enemy and the deception of the soldiers, and also neglecting the care of the wounded, it is our determination to save people from this grave danger by using the following means: Andres Bonifacio – Maypagasa Pio del Pi Estlareban San Juan – Ritual Mulaninto Modes M. A. Mainam P. Giron – Palaso Villanueva – Kampupok E. I. Andres V. Escolastico Gillardo Conteral Ba… [ ?] Jacinto Lumbreras – Bagong bayani Felipe Gervasin G. Artemio Ricarte – Vibora Casimiro Vizcarra [?] Santiago A. – Apoy L. San Miguel – Maku-Lam [ ?] At a meeting in Naik, Cavite in April 1897, Bonifacio and his men drew this document in which they decided to form a government independent of the one founded in Tejeros. Among the forty-one men who signed him were Andres Bonifacio, Artemio Ricarte, Pio del Pilar and Severino de las Alas.

Third, any unfaithful person must be punished on the spot, according to his desserts. Second, we will not recognize anyone as endowed with full power, except for the courageous officers who, from the beginning of the war to the present moment, have never been sworn in and behaved loyally. First, all combatants are forcibly incorporated into an army corps and placed under the command of General Pio del Pilar. The law was handwritten in the language of Tagalog. An English translation follows: [4] . We who sign these gifts with our real names, all the officers of the army who met in conventions under the leadership of the Supreme Chief [Bonifacio] because of the plight of the pueblos and the war, after discovering the betrayal committed by some officers who sowed discord and abhorred with the Spaniards , our enemies. corrupt the army and commit criminal negligence in the custody of the wounded. , agreed to exonerate persons from this grave danger by the following means: the Naïan Military Agreement was a document drawn up on 18 April 1897[1] in which a number of participants in the Tejeros Convention rejected the results of the convention.