Brette`s response: Don`t accept anything outside the court agreement. If you sign it, you must indicate that it is your full agreement. Anything you agree other than that is unworkable. Is an agreement that is not part of the court order enforceable? The most important thing is to take your copy of the separation contract and insure yourself somewhere. It should be in your safe or safe that you have at home. This is an important legal document, and so you want to save it somewhere safely. Question from Loreen: my lawyer signed a departure order in which my husband paid me a lump sum towards a real estate bill, in exchange for attributing to my husband the exclusive use of our house. I received a specific date to move while he was given an approximate date to give me the money. That`s what I was afraid of. He did not give the money and violated the order. I can`t leave the residence without payment! I told my lawyer that I was going to move 30 days after receiving the payment, but he signed the contract and I never saw him. What am I supposed to do? Reanne`s question: My mother and father are going through a bad divorce. They went to court and the judge granted a payment from the other sub-currency – much more than the other can afford.

I talked to both of them, and they agreed with me to stop all this nonsense. How can I overturn the judge`s decision and end the legal fees for both? What documents do I need to sign them, since I will act as a mediator? Some states require both initial financial information and additional declarations before the court authorizes the divorce. In some countries, both spouses may agree to waive the second advertising obligation. Do we need lawyers to reach a binding financial agreement? A separation agreement in North Carolina, to be binding, must be written, signed and certified notarized. So let`s break them down. Written – it is usually spilled. That is 10 or 15 pages of the legal document. It does not need to be typed, but it must be written to be mandatory for spouses.

It`s number one. Number two: it must be signed by both parties. A separation contract that is not signed by the husband and wife is not an agreement. You must have the signatures of both people. And documents are usually duplicated, which means we sign two copies at the same time. One of them is given to the husband. One thing is given to the woman. Brette`s answer: No.

If it is not included in a court order, it is not legally binding.