Respondents received an email saying they could no longer participate. Another department can be closed in a few weeks. Ultimately, if the SS does not develop it, the Fed`s IIMTS R5 will be seeded. Type I and II teams currently use retirees as assistant ICs and hold many positions in all areas. Hopefully, this will be worked out before another record fire season emerges. . This is serious? Why are we going here? Is there a problem? Are LG`s federals cut off from the teams? If you post something like that, maybe a background? The PDF version of the OES Form F-42, available for download, is used for training purposes only and is not intended for official use. Auburn Diede, Associate Government Program Analyst Yes, in retrospect, you`re right. Prices are set by the California Fire Assistance Agreement (CFAA) Committee and cannot be changed….