It also provides a structure for the training process and provides a definite starting and finishing point – so you know when a student is going to finish their studies. This bilateral agreement between you and your students describes the support you will provide (for example. B paid education, study leave and tutoring) and what you expect from them. The training agreement is a formally signed document between your organization and each of your students. It relates exclusively to the ACA. It is specific to your ACA training and is not the same as an employment contract. The agreement describes the support you receive from your employer and what is expected of you in return for your training. Promote your ACA training centres on our dedicated website. You cannot apply for ICAEW membership until you have fully entered into your ACA training contract.

The ICAEW encourages students to stay with their employer for the duration of their training contract, if this is not possible, you must re-register in another training contract to complete the remaining time. Please note that for less than three months, you must register for at least three months and receive a minimum of 65 days of practical training. Take every opportunity to expand your knowledge. This may be related to your profession. Taking the time and taking the trouble to develop at least some of the skills you would have acquired during your first year will pay off. It will speed up your learning and development when you start. But don`t stop. Learning new skills outside your profession is fulfilling and good for your well-being. There are so many podcasts, ted talks and online webinars to explore. Perhaps you would also like to explore formally accredited training. Coding, project management, advanced Excel – think about what could be useful in your future career. Take advantage of this time to make yourself even more marketable.

This may have slowed down the start of your career, but that doesn`t mean you can`t catch up. Think about how you`re going to answer that question when you finally start your training contract “So what have you accomplished in the last 12 months?” You want the answer to your answer to be “Wow” and not “Oh.”